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    Born in Wuppertal. After school and bachelor, he studies in Frankfurt/Main and Berlin. The contact with photography and darkroom work he learns with grandfather's and father's help.
Since 1974 first short films on Normal8 in documentary style (Peter Nestler), then on Super8 format, since 1978 on 16mm film, among others THE RHYTHM OF LIFE (1983).

In the class of Krzysztof Kieslowski he studies in the Artist's house Bethanien, Berlin, documentary film direction.
Since 1987 Bernd Euscher is Film Editor for fiction films, as well as documentaries.
Bernd Euscher is a member of the German Film Academy, the European Film Academy and member of the Federal association of Filmeditors (BFS).

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to get in contact
  Bernd Euscher
Richard-Wagner-Strasse 49
D 10585 Berlin

Bernd Euscher - FilmConcept
D 42119 Wuppertal

  phone: +49 30 34709361
mobil: +49 179 2996114
Email: mailbox (at) bernd-euscher.com

UST-ID: DE190798057
Email: filmconcept (at) bernd-euscher.de


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